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Urethral carcinoma

Urethral cancer is the most rare of all urological cancers and an entity very difficult to detect. It is related to human papillomavirus infection (subtypes 16 and 18), chronic inflammation/infection, or urethral strictures.

Testicular cancer

A review of testicular cancer. Seminoma is the most frequent variant but there are several other tumors with different prognosis and behaviour and its important to know them all!


Cheat Sheet about embryology, a topic that can be somewhat overwhelming at first but that is very important to understand a lot of pathologies.

Most common lithiasis

In this Urology Cheat Sheet, we make a comparison of the most common lithiasis, their frequency, characteristics and causes.

Lumbar/pelvic nerves in urology

In this Urology Cheat Sheet we review lumbar/pelvic nerves, focusing on the urologist POV. Sometimes they are difficult to memorize, but they are important for our daily/surgical practice.


In this Urology Cheat Sheets, we review some info about antibiotics. What is each family’s action mechanism? What kind of bacteria do they cover? What are the most characteristic AE?


Hypospadias is characterized by an abnormal position of the urethral orifice and is considered a rare congenital malformation. Do you want to know more?

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