Genitourinary Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards (GUMTBs) are collaborative platforms where healthcare professionals from different specialties come together to discuss and manage patient cases involving genitourinary cancers.

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EAU Guidelines on Renal Cell Carcinoma III

Review this #EAUUrologyCheatSheet on Renal Cell Carcinoma. With comprehensive insights on disease management, highlighting surgery’s role in reducing mortality, evaluating nephrectomy techniques, and more.

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EAU Guidelines on Penile Cancer II

Histological diagnosis and local staging must be obtained before considering non-surgical treatments. This Cheat Sheet on Penile Cancer disease management will give you insight into

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EAU Guidelines on Penile Cancer

Our newest #EAUUrologyCheatSheets is a collaborative effort with @ASCO to create comprehensive guidelines on #PenileCancer. Review the updated #EAUGuidelines on #PenileCarcinoma with this one page

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