EAU Guidelines on Testicular Cancer

#TesticularCancer compromises 1% of adult neoplasms and 5% of urological tumours. Its incidence has increased particularly in industrialized countries.  Don’t miss this episode of #EAUUrologyCheatSheets! #EAUGuidelines 

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Wilms tumor

Wilms tumor or nephroblastoma is the most frequent tumor of the kidney in infants and children. The incidence of Wilms tumor is 8.2 cases for

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Metastatic Renal Carcinoma By RAEU

Renal cell carcinoma  accounts for approximately 2-3% of all adult malignancies worldwide. Clear cell renal cell carcinoma is the most common histologic subtype. Over 20%

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Bladder cancer, basics By MªJosé Ribal

Bladder cancer is the fourth most commonly occurring cancer in men. Caucasians are more likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer than African Americans or Hispanic Americans. The American Cancer Society

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Adrenal pathology by RAEU

The adrenals are paired glands that lie in the retroperitoneum and have a close anatomical relationship to the kidneys but have a different embryological origin.

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Penile cancer

Penile cancer is a rare type of cancer that occurs on the skin of the penis or within the penis. It most commonly affects men

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